moustache transplant A few men don't have a moustache or may have next to no development. Hereditary may be a reason. Certain sicknesses and hormonal changes may also cause the lack of moustache or fall of hair from the moustache. Medical conditions like cleft lip or scar left due to injuries in an accident may be corrected or covered using moustache transplant. Cancer treatment like chemotherapy also cause thinning of hair which can be corrected by this procedure.

Technique moustache transplant follows the same procedure as the hair transplant. In this as well the grafts are extracted from the donor site and transplanted to the moustache location of the recipient site.
FUE and FUT are used for harvesting the grafts. At our clinic, we used the FUE technique of graft extraction. One by one graft is extracted and inserted at the place of treatment. We true to those grafts only with matches with the texture of moustache hair and provide a natural look.
A Moustache transplant is done under local anesthesia. No pain is experienced by the patient. After the procedure, followed by healing leaves no visible scars or pinpoint scars.

Q. Who are the ideal candidates for moustache transplantation?

Any individual who experiences the following conditions can choose this treatment:
• Men with less dense moustaches.
• Scars from burns, injuries, infection, and surgical procedures.
• Moustache hair loss due to chemotherapy or any other treatment.
• Cleft lip case.
• Scars due to conditions such as folliculitis. men hair transplant

Q. How many grafts are needed in the moustache transplant?

Approximately 200-500 grafts are required in a moustache transplant; it very much depends on either complete moustache is to reconstruct or it’s just a scar that needs to be filled with hair growing grafts.

Q. How much time it takes in moustache transplant?

It takes almost 2-4 hours to complete the moustache transplant depending on grafts required to meet the requirement of the patient.

Q. How much does a moustache hair transplant cost in Punjab, India?

Cost varies from the requirement to requirement. The more grafts are transplanted it will cost less the graft cost less. In approximation, the cost may lie between Rs.15, 000 to Rs.30, 000. moustache transplant

Q. What are the post procedures Instruction?

Since, it is a minor procedure so no special rest or stay is required. For 1 month with avoiding any pressure or scratching over transplanted area. Take antibiotic and pain killer for 3-4 days. New hair will appear growing in approximately 3-4 months. Once the growth is complete one can be trimmed or shaved as usual.

Q. What is the required recovery time in moustache hair transplant?

Mild swelling and redness will be cleared in 2-3 days. In 6-7 days the procedure area the donor site and the recipient site recovered completely.

Q. Do transplanted hair at moustache keep growing?

Yes, the transplanted hair on the moustache grows as natural. The grafts transplanted are from your own body. This will support hair growth for a lifetime. You can trim and groom it to the desired shape properly.