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Men hair transplant is a single term used to describe all the category of hair transplant used for hair restoration in men. This category includes head hair transplant, beard hair transplant, moustache hair transplant and we can include eyebrow transplant as well.
Up to 70% of men experience some degree of hair loss by the time they reach 50 but now days hair loss occur far earlier, as person reaching their 20s, 30s or even late teens. As men are more socially engaged, hair loss in men are profoundly affects an individual’s confidence and self esteem. In beginning hair loss emerges in receding hair line, once thinning has occurred and the hair permanently lost, the only effective option to regain the hair is through a transplant procedure.
Also in some cases in men hair doesn’t grow in beard (or less growth), at moustache and eyebrows due to hormonal imbalance caused by unhealthy life style. Hair transplant can be use to give desired shape (termed as facial hair transplant).
In all FUE & FUT technique of hair transplant is used to do the procedure in Facial hair transplant. In both techniques the treatment at donor site is different. In FUT a strip with grafts is taken from the donor site and donor site is stitched back. And in FUE unlike the Strip (FUT) procedure, you won't require any stitches after your treatment.

Following is the list of procedure comes in this category:

• Head Hair Transplant,
• Beard Hair Transplant,
• Moustache Hair Transplant,
• Eyebrow Hair Transplant &
• Eyelashes Hair Transplant

The technique of hair transplant was evolved for treating men hair loss as men are most to vulnerable to hair loss as compared to women but now days this technique is equally useful for both men and women and are getting benefited from the same. If you are looking for such treatment then you can contact us at our Ludhiana centre in Punjab

Norwood-Hamilton Classification of Baldness in Menmen hair loss pattern

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