We are writing few of the frquently asked questions, which a patient asks before he decides to go for hair transplantation . We have tried to cover all the queries which naturally comes in minds of a person.

Q. What is hair transplantation?

Hair Transplantation is a technique of growing natural hair at the part of body where hair loss has caused the baldness or decrease in the density of hair. Basically we take hair from where you have less need and put it where you need it more. This technique of hair re-growth is proven only permanent way of hair restoration. In this technique persons own hair from the back of head and sides of the head or from other part of body like beard, chest (by FUE) are extracted with root and are implanted on required place where hair is completely lost or hair have become thin due to hair loss. A good hair transplant requires an aesthetical redistribution of hair roots so that it gives an appearance of naturally growing hair. With our advanced 3rd generation microsurgical FUE technique the results have very natural appearance.

Q. Who is eligible to undergo hair transplantation?

• Those who is more than 23 years of age.
• Not enough response to medications on baldness.
• No medical contraindications to surgery.
• Have cleared all the medical tests which we suggest.

Q. Why one should undergo hair transplantation at HAIR MAX HAIR TRANSPLANT?

We are giving consistently good result and our all patients are satisfied, we have zero complaint.Our technique is more advanced and refined.Our team of hair transplant is consists of surgeon who has international exposure of surgery and team members have experience of operation more than 3500 hair transplant cases. We have kept our prices affordable to all people without compromising with quality. We not only guarantee the result but a good result.

Q. How techniques of hair transplant, i, e. FUE & Strip method (FUT) differs and which one is better?

Both techniques differs in extraction of hair roots/grafts from the donor site, in FUT (Strip Technique) whole strip of hair bearing skin is removed and then hair grafts are extracted and defect sutured back using stitches whereas in FUE individual follicles are extracted one by one. The use of STRIP technique is very limited as only that hair which is removed in the strip from back of head or sides of head can be used for transplant. The Grade of baldness up to Vth strip technique can fulfill the requirement. And also it leaves mark on back of head, not situated for those who keep their hair short or shave it as a scar is left at donor site.
Whereas FUE technique can be performed in all condition of baldness. It is most useful for people who keep their hair small or shave their head or have tendency of hypertrophic scars because they will not have any visible scars (as they are microscopic).
This is the only method by which adequate cover can be given for Grade VI-VII as the hair can be extracted from the head as well as from the body part like beard, chest or even from pubic area, in multiple sittings.
It is also the preferred technique for eyebrow or moustache transplant or in patients having tight skin. It is ideal for revision or repaired cases i.e. those who have already undergone surgery by STRIP method. Multiple sittings can be given on consecutive days or later on to give “add-on” hair.

Q. What is the difference between hair and follicular units/grafts?

Hair grows naturally in group unit of one; two or three hair. This group of hair is called grafts or follicular unit.

Q. When can one see the final results?

The hair starts re-growing after 3-5 months following procedure from transplanted follicles. The transplanted hair grows in very thin initially and gradually grows thicker and fuller with passing of time. Full growth is usually appreciable after 10-12 months which grows for a life time.

Q. What is the life of transplanted hair and how do they last?

Since the hair follicles that are transplanted to the balding areas taking from bald area are genetically resistant to going bald, they will continue to grow for a life time – just as if they had been left in the bald resistant donor area. In some cases, a small percentage of transplanted hair may be lost as the patient ages.

Q. Does transplanted hair look natural?

Definitely our advance 3rd generation FUE technique gives natural looks to new growing hair. We do hair transplant procedure by refined follicular unit method in which latest punches of 0.6 mm and 0.7 mm is used which leaves virtually no mark on donor area and recipient area as compared to the outdated punch where the look was not natural.

Q. How much time it takes to is required for hair transplant procedure?

At Hair Max Hair Transplant Centre in a session/ single sitting we are transplant between 1,500 to 4,500 grafts in a full day which involves procedural hours between 3 to 9 hours depending on number of grafts on an outpatient basis. Sometime this time depends on the speed of surgeons or of the team.

Q. What is the time gap between individual sittings?

FUE can be done even on consecutive days or few days or a week apart, depend on availability of time with the patient or the clinic.

Q. Does the hair transplant procedure is painful?

Patients are given local anesthesia in the donor and recipient areas. Once the anesthesia is given to the patients feel no pain or uneasiness during the whole procedure.

Q. How many grafts/hair will be required?

The amount of grafts you required depends on the degree of baldness or hair filling space of an individual.

Q. What is the recovery/healing time?

With today’s very refined micro hair transplantation procedure the incisions are very small and less invasive than past procedures. This results in more rapid healing. Most patients feel fine within a day or two following surgery, although some numbness and mild soreness can be expected for several days following surgery.

Q. How it will look after the procedure? Will people know I had a hair transplant?

Immediately following surgery a patient’s recipient area is typically pink with scabs forming around the micro incisions. These hundreds of tiny incisions will heal rapidly within a week to ten days. By keeping the scalp moist, the scabs usually come off in about a week or so. During the first few days after the surgery a person’s hair transplants will be noticeable, if one has enough surrounding hair, these scabs can be camouflaged with creative styling. However, most patients feel comfortable being in public without wearing a hat within 5 to 7 days following surgery.

Q. When can I go back to work?

Depending on the type of procedure you have done and the type of work you do, it is often possible to go back to work the next day. One can discuss this with hair restoration surgeon during the consultation.

Q. What are the complications or risks with the hair transplant surgery?

There is no risk involve in hair surgery.It is very rare for an infection to happen at procedural area, If occurs, will be mainly due to the patient's failure to follow post-operative instructions. Infection is easily treatable with antibiotics, which can be prescribed by the physician.

Q. Is it possible to do hair transplantation on women for restoring her hair?

Yes we do hair restoration surgery for women as well, using our advanced FUE technique. Female hair loss is quite common. Women usually have a similar donor area to men but less area under hair loss as the hair fall in women is less as compare to men. This means they have enough supply to fulfill the demand, so the results very good.