Facial-hair Facial hair transplantation is a term used to address the aesthetic transplant of hair at beard, moustache, eyebrow and eyelash collectively. Facial hair transplant is revolutionary application of FUE technique of hair transplant to restore or grow the hair on face.
It is also used to make hair at face look thicker and less patchy. After hair transplant this procedure is most popular procedure among patients who are coming for consultation. Following are some of the categories for which we get enquiries:
• Full facial transplant.
• A full beard or partial (or goatee).
• Moustache restoration or creation and.
• For hiding facial scarring with hair transplant.

Reason for Facial Hairlessness:

men hair transplant

The most significant factor for hair scarcity is the genes. Amount of hair on face, its thickness and density is governed by genetics factors. Also, hormonal elements impact the growth of facial hair too. Facial scarring due to acne or trauma results in patchy areas of hair loss.
A variety of medical illnesses such as thyroid disease and autoimmune disorders can also affect facial hair growth.

Who can choose for facial hair transplant?

The lack of desired facial hair is driving factor for the increasing demand for facial hair transplant. Anyone who is looking to increase the hair or reconstruct their eyebrows, eyelashes, and mustache or a fuller, thicker beard and sideburn can go for enquiry on the same.
Full facial transplant is also done if a patient aspires so; this includes full beard and full mustache. This is demanded by those have lost complete hair due to hormonal change due to medication or naturally they don’t have hair hormones. And partial facial hair transplant is done to increase the thickness of beard or moustache or both. Scar left after injuries on face results in hairlessness, hair can be grown those area by this technique.
The procedure can be performed on every individual from the walk of life and background. We offer the most advanced techniques to perform the procedure. We give attention to every individual and custom plan according to his requirement.
Following are the list of procedures which are performed under facial hair transplant:
• Beard Transplant
• Beard reconstruction
• Goatee Reconstruction
• Moustache Transplant
• Moustache reconstruction
• Eyebrow Transplant
• Eyebrow reconstruction (thin or over plucked eyebrows)
• Eyelash Transplant
• Eyelash reconstruction
• Side-locks/ Side-burn reconstruction
• Scars due to trauma, burns, surgery
• Traction alopecia at beard (Sikhs)
• Increase facial hair density
• Aesthetical reconstruction of facial hair

Details of Facial Hair transplant Procedure:

French cut beard This procedure is requested for aesthetics gain by the patients, have more consequence then the normal hair transplant. Whether it is beard or moustache transplant or eyebrow or scar on face, the procedure is fastidiously performed with great care for providing natural look.
The technique and the procedure are similar to head hair transplant, the hair grafts are extracted from the head hair grafts as source. But the donor grafts are planned as per the nature of the hair at recipient site.
Two techniques exist to extract the hair from the head. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique and the FUT (Strip Technique) both can be used for harvesting grafts in facial hair transplant. We use only FUE for this purpose. The FUE technique is relatively “scar-less” since there is no linear scar or sutures. The procedure involves shaving a small area of the donor site having the prospect graft.
The individual hair grafts are precisely isolated, removed, and planted one by one into the well-designed recipient area. The donor site typically selected which matches closely to the facial hair.
In some cases, the side hair of the scalp, while in other cases hair at the rear of the scalp is considered as donor hair. Hair at the rear of the scalp is suitable to match for a beard, mustache, or goatee and the central and anterior cheek region. Donor hair from the side of the scalp is perfect for sideburns and the lateral and posterior cheek areas.
Once the grafts have been harvested, our team carefully prepares the recipient sites in the desired areas. During this step, tiny incisions are made with full attention so as give the right depth, angle and direction so that new hair will look as natural as possible and blend in with the surrounding hair. The hair may appear to grow immediately after the procedure but generally fall out living the tiny follicles within the skin. The patient experience the new facial hair growth after 2 months and growth accelerates over the course of six to ten months. As soon as new facial hair grows it remain permanently intact and grows typically, just like normal facial hair with exact texture and similar characteristics. New hair can be shaved similar to normal facial hair.
Grafts requirement varies with the location on face. For example 300 to 900 grafts for the cheekbone, 200 to 300 grafts for the sideburn, and 600 to 900 grafts for a full goatee and where as for full beard with moustache2500 to 3000 grafts are required. For mustache only 350 to 500 grafts are required.
To ensure zero (minimal) scaring on donor site as well as recipient site we use punches size as small as 0.7-0.8 mm for grafts harvesting and placing.

High Lights of Facial Hair Transplant at Our Clinic:

• FUE technique is used for harvesting the grafts.
• Time lapsed in the procedure is 3-7 hours.
• An outpatient procedure.
• Done under local anesthesia, makes it a painless.
• The transplanted hair may shed initially with in 1 month of the procedure.
• The transplanted hair will re-grow naturally after 2-3 months and will remain.
• Almost no risk in the procedure.

Who is eligible for the treatment and who is not?

Anyone who is physically fit and do not have any medical condition is eligible for facial hair transplant as per desire. Patients who are undergoing alopecia universalis which results into no hair on entire body, will can’t get benefited by this procedure.

Is there any side effect of facial transplant?

There are few temporary side effects associated with facial hair transplantation are ingrown hairs, infection, redness, and swelling. If proper instruments are not chosen then scars can be notices at recipient site after healing. These are the certain side effects known, so it is advice to get proper self examination of skin and the clinic before taking final decision.

What is recovery and healing time in facial transplant?

Taking everything into account it takes 4 to 6 days to finish the recuperation cycle. It is advised to keep the transplanted area totally dry for 5 days. The minuscule scab around each grafted hair will fall out within 4 to 6 days following the procedure. The transplanted hair will tumble off following a time of 14 days; you will experience the growth of new hair within the two months of the transplant.

Is possible to reconstruct sideburn by hair transplant technique?

Yes, Sideburns can be restored or corrected using technique of hair transplants. It is performed due to natural lacking of hair at sideburns. It is essentially required after face lifts cosmetics surgery.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The price of the treatment depends upon the requirement of grafts on the face. At our clinic we charge Rs. 40 to Rs. 60 per graft of facial hair transplant. Total cost is calculated with the multiplication of rate per grafts and number of grafts transplanted. Cost remains approximately between (INR) Rs.25, 000 to Rs.1, 20,000 (for full facial hair-breard & moustache).

Are the results of the treatment is permanent?

Yes, it gives permanent hair growth. One need not to panic as the transplanted hair will fall off after a couple of weeks. Actually it is part of hair growth cycle of transplanted hair. New hairs start growing at with in the period of 2 to 3 month. This process will continue as a normal hair growth thereafter for the entire lifetime.