eyebrow hair transplant The eyebrow is not just a few hundred hairs above the eyes; its aesthetics element at brow ridges enhances the attraction and beatifies the facial look. Although scientifically its purpose is to prevent unwanted harmful stuffs like sweat, water, dust, straw from falling into the eye socket. The eyebrow is also used in human communication through facial expression.
Before allotting the day and date for the procedure we plan the same as per the facial shape and patient’s desire, highlight the facial features though eyebrow. Eyebrows symmetry is of utmost importance. Whether one wants to correct the eyebrow arch, or want to fill in patchy areas or scar, hair implantation for the eyebrows can extensively upgrade your overall look.

Eyebrow reconstruction procedure gives control over structure, density, shape, size and length one desires. The eyebrow plays a very significant role in beautifying the face of men and women alike.
Recently, eyebrow transplantation in Ludhiana city of Punjab in India has gained popularity among men and women from all walks of life. It has earned position of one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures done for aesthetics gains.

Procedure of Eyebrow Transplant:

Eyebrow transplantation is performed in daycare, outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Our doctor having expertise in designing the shape and dimensions of the eyebrows initiate the procedure with the supporting team. While designing we do take care of the inputs of patient. We give serious consideration to amalgamate the brows with individual's facial shape.
Once the shape is decided we estimate the number of grafts needed for bringing the eyebrows in desired shape. We apply the local anesthesia at the donor site as well as at eyebrow site to neutralize the discomfort, so there will be no pain will be experienced by patient. Hair grafts is harvested typically from the lower part of back of the head either by FUE technique in which individual grafts are punched out one-by-one or by removing a strip of donor hair (FUT technique) which is then divided into individual hair using microscopes. These donor hairs are then inserted at planned eyebrow area into individual pin point tiny incisions. These incisions are created in a flow keeping the angle and direction in consideration of eyebrow hairs to give a very close natural result. Once procedure completed the new hairs begin to grow within 3-4 months considerable results can be appear after at 6-7 months.

Hair eyebrow transplant

Q. What are the reasons for increased cases of eyebrow transplant?

The major reason for increased cases of eyebrow transplant is the increase of awareness by the medium like television, news papers and internet. Eyebrow hair loss could be the result of the following reasons:
• Ageing
• Over-Plucking of eyebrows in Women
• Scar due to Injury or Burns
• Alopecia Areata
• Radiation treatment
• Chemotherapy
• Thin Eyebrow
• Thyroid Disorders

Q. How many grafts are needed for an eyebrow transplant?

This depends on the patient’s condition. For complete eyebrow transplant one may require up to 400 grafts. An individual who need only to increase the density of eyebrow may need up to a 150-hair transplant. For cosmetic purpose a person may need 100-hair grafts only. All will be suggested at the time of consultation.

Q. How much does it cost ?

The cost of an eyebrow transplant depends upon the number of grafts one might need for the treatment. They may charge from INR Rs.45 to INR Rs.60 per graft. Some time clinic does offer a package that may be economical.

Q. Do transplanted eyebrows keep growing?

Indeed, the transplanted hair on the eyebrow grows as naturally as from the eyebrows. This is your own body’s hairs are transplanted so it will grow for a lifetime. Trimming and managing its shape appropriately is required after the transplant.