FUE Hair Transplant Cost At Our Centre in Ludhiana, INDIA

Before knowing what will be the cost of your hair transplant you must make sure that a new naturally looking normal hair with good density is important then what you are going to expend in hair transplant procedure.
Take the hair transplant decision on basis of expertise of the team which is going to do the hair transplant not what they are going to charge. Your hair transplant procedure should affordable as much as which ensure the quality hair transplant procedure.
Our team has done more than 3400 hair transplants with zero complaints at our Ludhiana centre in India.
The most important thing one should confirm from any hair transplant centre before negotiation for cost is the transaction rate of newly grafted hair as much loss of hair graft after hair transplant will be not only loss of money but also loss of hair roots from donor area for life.
We also offers Body hair transplant in which grafts from body parts like beard, chest, arm pit and even from pubic area is taken to complete the density at bald area. The cost of grafts from body hair is more than the grafts taken from back of head.
Compare our cost of FUE Hair Transplant in other countries and some metro cities of India; we are best being even at low cost. We offer is less than $2 or € 1 per graft for FUE.

Rate scheme at our centre:

Graft Range
4000 - 5000+
3000 - 4000
2000 - 3000
1000 - 2000
500 - 1000
Less then 500

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Norwood-Hamilton Classification of Baldness in Men
Cost very much depends on which type of baldness one is suffering.

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We are expert in all kind of hair transplantation including head, beard, moustache, eyebrow, eyelashes and on places which has lost hair growth due to scar or traction. One can someup our experties as:

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