body hair transplant Body hair transplant (BHT) is extended application of FUE technique hair transplant. In this technique the hair from body, apart from head donor area are used to cure the baldness. Hair at beard, chest, brow, axilla (armpit) and at pubic area is used to restore the hair at scalp. Extensive cases of baldness with poor donor scalp area considered for BHT. Only those grafts from body parts are considered for grafting are healthy and grow fast. As per records it was in the year 2001 the first successful body hair transplant with the use beard hair was done. Body hair transplantation was accomplished using FUE techniques described later in this article.

The Body hair transplant procedure is tiresome procedure and needs very expert hand to be involved in it. In normal requirement upto 1800 grafts can be extracted in one sitting in duration of 8 to 9 hours. This duration is consisting of 1 hour break between extraction and the insertion of the grafts. A pre planning is required before the procedure is started to desire the source and the number of grafts to be extracted to fulfill the requirement.

Aspect of Body hair Transplant

Chest hair • Complicated procedure.
• Time consuming procedure.
• A proper planning is required.
• Non-scalp hair is used for Curing Baldness.
• More than 1 sitting is required.
• No hospitalization or bed rest required.

Qualitative Analysis of Body grafts (Hair Roots):

For better understanding of quality of grafts from different parts of the body the analysis is required for the same. Read below to get the detailed information about body grafts.

Beard Hair: Second best donor hair is beard hair after the scalp hair as most of the hair is in anagen phase (growing phase) good for a hair transplant. The quality of beard hair by and large coarser, brisk and curly distinguished to scalp hair. The development is quicker compared to scalp hair; this hair stands conspicuously and gives decent thick look. Beard Hair best for to build the thickness in the central vertex and crown zone.

Chest hair Chest Hair: Nature of chest wall hair is thin, silky, and curly and grows shorter length compared to beard and scalp. It can be well utilized to increase the scalp coverage at lower side of hairlines and in the vertex of the scalp. A density of 30-40 grafts per at chest wall is considered as a good density.

Arms & Leg: On account of arms and legs hair, the accessibility is by and large low in view of sparse density and additionally the quality of hair is also very thin and grows much short length.

Pubic Area: The hair at pubic area is somewhat very close to the hair at chest. They too are thin, silky and curly and shorter in height. These are suitable to increase the density of hair at scalp. If we set the precedence the most suitable body hair is beard hair then followed by chest, armpits hair, pubic area hair, shoulders and then legs and arms hair. Life cycle of body hair is very short as compared to beard and scalp hair.
The number of grafts that can be extracted from body parts varies with the density. In grade 7 or 8 baldness 2000 grafts are taken from beard and armpit in common body hair transplant along with head donor area. For a sever hair loss where the hair grafts from body are required in a huge quantity. In an extensive efforts maximum of 5000 to 8000 grafts in total can extracted on an average from a person with good body hair.
If we talk about the result the re-growth hair appear after from body grafts are of inferior quality in terms of texture, heights and life cycle to they grow as compared to beards and head donor area.

Body Hair Transplant Procedure:

In body hair transplant the entire procedure used is FUE technique. At first the local anesthesia is applied on the donor area followed by the extraction of grafts. Motorized punches with very small size 0.7-0.8 are used to extract the grafts. The size of the punch is decided as per the requirement of the graft type. Usually a body graft contains 1 or 2 follicles only.
Once the grafts are extracted then after a break of generally 1 hour the team start working on recipient site. Then grafts are inserted inside the skin through small pours made using punches. Usually 1800 body grafts can be transplanted in a single day. For implantation of more grafts next sitting is scheduled.
Generally the graft extraction site heals 3-4 days. After healing only tiny pinhead scars are left which are negligible and there is no alteration in pigmentation occurs.

Benefits of body hair transplant

Body hair transplant is like a boon for those who have very little donor hair. BHT is equally benefit to those who have lost the donor hair due to wrong hair transplant and over harvesting of donor hair. Following are few benefits.
• Provides great coverage for advanced grades of baldness.
• Aesthetically provides thick appearance to hair when transplanted with beard hair.
• Patient’s expectations can be met.
• It provides good density to cover a substantial baldness.

Limitations of Body Hair Transplantation:

Body hair transplant majorly depends on the hair available on the body of the patients. Some people have very less or scarcity of body hair, very less beard hair, in such cases if the baldness is huge then the required number of grafts cannot be extracted. Only the hair in the growth phase is suitable for transplant.
• The qualities of hair grafts from body are not so good that match with scalp hair texture.
• Grafts either have 1 or 2 follicles only so, it’s very tedious job to extract the desired grafts.
• Texture of hair from beard, chest, armpit etc. is different so not every hair is suitable to transplant at anywhere in scalp.
• Women cannot avail the benefits of this as they don’t have much body hair that can be used as donor source.

Cost of Body Hair Transplant (per graft) in India

Since the using body graft for the hair restoration is very skillful and a tiresome job needs extreme care while doing the procedure. A lot of handwork and huge amount time is depleted. So the cost is high. Cost of body hair transplant per graft is Rs.50/grafts. Total cost depends on the total number of grafts required for the transplantation. We are a leading clinic in India for body hair transplant offer at reasonable cost. For individual the cost varies as per the condition of baldness. So it is advice to consult us to have clear idea of hair transplant.

Postoperative Care for Body Hair Transplant

The post operative care is same as FUE hair transplant. We are again summering the same as below:
• Avoid direct sunlight, rainwater and dust exposure for 30 days.
• Avoid wearing helmet for 1 month.
• Avoid exercise heavy exercise and GYM for 30 days.
• The donor area in body hair transplant sanitized and antiseptic ointment till it heel.

How much successful is a body hair to head transplant as a solution to baldness?

A body hair transplant to head is may be very successful and can give natural result if it is done with proper plan and by a skilled team. There are many factors which should be carefully considered during the planning of body hair transplant like growth size of graft, which graft to implant, where to implant. Extraction is to be done with very care as the body hair grows at an angle beneath the skin.

How much grafts one expect to get after going through Body hair transplant?

Body hair provides a whole new source of hair for curing baldness using method of transplant. The number of grafts that can be extracted from body very much depends on the density of body, which differs person to person. As discussed earlier, hair can be extracted from beard, moustache, sideburns, chest and back. From beard 2000 to 3500 grafts can be extracted, around 1000 grafts can be extracted from chest, 1000 grafts can taken from other parts including pubic area, armpit, and arms and legs. A total of 6000 grafts can be harvested from the body. And if the donor area back of head can give around 3000 grafts a total 9000 to 10,000 grafts can be transplanted with proper planning. More than one sitting will be required.