beard hair transplant If you have turned adult and still beard is not grown, now you need not worry more. Beard hair transplant is new trend in the town among those who need it. It is extremely successful in providing celebrity look beard. Beard transplant have become popular among the younger generation. News of celebrities from entertainment industry, sports person and some politician getting full and nicely groomed beard though this technique have made it extremely popular.

Do you have plans to get beard transplantation and want to know more before take final decision?

Here we are giving you complete inside of the beard transplant procedure so that you make the decision fearlessly.

You may be among those young men who are unable to grow full beard. Some people might have grown beard with irregular hairline or have patchy areas where the beard hair won’t grow. There many reasons for it maybe are due to genetic reason or medical condition or may be due to any trauma, scar left after injury. A beard transplant can tackle this issue and can offer men to have the desired pattern and density in beard.
Technically the beard transplant is similar to a scalp hair transplant. During the procedure, the hair grafts are taken from the rear of the scalp or other part of the body and transplanted on the face where ever is required. Normally 2,500 to 3,500 grafts can be transplanted in facial hair in a single sitting. A few specialists may use grafts with two follicles per graft to give more normal look.

Techniques of Extraction and Implantation of grafts

In the surgical procedure the body parts from where hair is taken is called “donor sites” and the bald body parts are called “recipient sites.” The specialists plan the procedure in advance. Beard hair transplant is done under local anesthesia. The Specialist administers local anesthesia in the donor sites and recipient sites site. The hair grafts are then removed individually either by FUE or FUT technique.
beard hair transplant In FUT harvesting of follicular units the strip is removed from donor site normally from back of head and then single grafts are extracted with keeping surrounding tissues intact from it. These grafts are transplanted to reconstruct the beard or fill the bald patches on the beard or sideburns. Previously, donor site is stitched back by doctors, leaves a very thin line of mark on the back of the scalp after healing, but becomes invisible inside grown hair.
The other method which is more popular and which we use is FUE or Follicular unit extraction method of extracting one by one individual graft (usually base of the scalp on the back). Scalp hair is removed from the back and side of the head by FUE and transplanted onto the chin and cheeks. While planning for beard transplant we divided the face into two sections. One that is side of the face includes the sideburns, cheeks, and jawline. The second is the front area that includes the moustache and goatee. These areas require a varied density of hair.During the implantation procedure the doctor gives attention to the direction, density and angle of new hair. This procedure may last for about 6 - 7 hours.


Beard transplant method leaves almost no scars (pin point scars may occur which is negligible) and heals quickly in 7 to 10 days. Cheek area may require 500 to 1000 grafts, 300 to 400 grafts for a moustache and 450 to 850 grafts for a full goatee. Once the procedure is done the new hair growth starts appearing in the 4 to 8 weeks. The doctor’s skill determines how much the new hair imitates the natural beard when it has grown.
Beard hair Transplant of 3600 grafts

Common reasons for beard hair transplant are:-

• Genetics.
• Traction Alopecia.
• Cancer or any infection.
• Scarring (Surgical procedure, Trauma, burns).

• Generics: Due to hereditary the person may have deficiency of hormones responsible for beard growth.
• Traction Alopecia: If someone tightly ties the long beard hair then there may result in hair fall and in turn need beard transplant to grow hair again. The common example of this problem is beard tie of Sikhs.
• Cancer or any infections: Some of the treatment like chemotherapy for treatment of cancer patient may cause fall of heard hair or any facial infection too may result into same. This can be reversed with the technique of beard transplant.
• Scarring: Scars caused by any kind of trauma, burn or any surgical procedure typically will not grow hair without a transplant but can grow hair well after a transplant.  final result comparison of french or goatee beard hair transplant

Q. How much does a beard transplant cost?

The cost of beard transplant is not fix it varies with the area and number of hairs requiring meet the requirement. Beard transplants don’t come cheap. Average prices range from INR Rs.60, 000 to INR Rs.1, 20,000 – but exact cost depends on the number of hair required to for the treatment.

Q. How much time it takes in a beard transplant?

Time consumed in a beard transplant depends on many factors, if the procedure comprises of fewer grafts then it will consume less time, as compared to a case, involves a complete beard transplant. Normally it takes 5 to 10 hours in procedure involve transplantation of graft in his chin, cheeks and moustache area.

Q. What benefits a beard transplant can offer?

Beard transplant can give you permanent and natural look. You will look more mature and masculine.

Q.How to boost beard growth after beard transplant procedure?

The progress of facial hair growth after the beard transplant depends mainly on genetics, where some men simply grow a beard faster than others. Few things stimulate the beard growth additionally.
• Avoid stress, since it considerably slows down hair growth.
• Sleep at least eight hours a day as sleep deprivation makes hair grow weak.
• Drink at least eight cups of water a day. This will moisturize your hair and help it grow faster.
• Eat foods rich in protein and vitamins like vitamin B6, B12 which are considered facilitator for hair growth.

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