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Hair Graft Extraction

Extraction of hair grafts from donor site by Dr Jagtar where other team members are assisting him.

Graft Insertion

Graft Insertion is done artistically with care to give a natural look to the person using FUE technique.


Some of video testimonials from our satisfied patients, watch videos to know about our work.

Results on Men

Results on men after FUE technique hair transplant is very natural and up to the satisfaction of patient. Our team has intensive experience in performing hair transplant in on male hair loss patterns.

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Results on Women

Women constantly visit us with complaint of sever hair loss. Whenever required we do hair transplant on women to cure baldness. Results are encouraging and have very positive reviews.

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Results On Facial

Facial hair restoration or growth on face of men or women is an useful application of FUE technique. Beard, Moustache, Eyebrow and scars are the area where the facial hair transplant procedure is done.

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Hair Transplant in Punjab

Among many other hair restoration techniques hair transplant has proved to be most rewarding for curing the baldness by giving assured natural results when done by an experienced team under the supervision of qualified doctor likes of ours in Ludhiana. Everybody desired to restore his natural hair without losing its natural appearance, which is fulfilled by FUE hair transplant technique. In FUE technique hair follicles are taken from a donor area and then transplanted to the area to be needed for curing baldness or hair loss. FUE technique apparently leaves almost no scar at the recipient area, hence at glance, nobody gets a clue of being a case of hair restoration by hair transplant. This feature of FUE technique has made it most popular among the patients as compared with other techniques of hair transplant. We won the trust of people all over Punjab including the nearby cities of Ludhiana which include Amritsar, Jalandhar & Nawanshahr .

Our Clinic, Our Docor and His team

If you are searching for a reliable, finest hair transplant clinic and a skilled doctor then our honest advice is visit us at-least once. Our patients have reviewed positively which earned us the reputed name as the most trusted and best hair transplant centre in this region of Punjab in India. Our doctor and his team have expertise in delivering quality hair transplant keeping the cost low as much as possible as a mission to make the surgery affordable to more and more people those have baldness or hair loss problems.
Dr. Jagtar Singh (MBBS, MS, Hair Transplant Surgeon) is one of the finest hair transplant surgeons in India. With extensive experience of doing more than 4000 hair transplant sessions for over 15 years in treating both national and international patients including NRIs from abroad using 3rd generation FUE. He keeps visiting National and international conferences on new medical development and many times has given lectures on various medical procedures.
Experties: Our experienced team has more than 4000+ hair transplant sittings to its credit. During the course of time, the experience which we have gained has enhanced the accuracy of our work. We are best in providing the best result with almost no graft is loosed in extraction or implantation from the donor area to the recipient area. Our team is also an expert in BHT (Body Hair Transplant) in which hair roots (grafts) are extracted from body parts having hair like beard, chest, armpits, leg, hands, and the pubic area which is used as donor's hair and transplanted at the bald area as per requirement.
Location: Our Clinic & Hospital is located at the heart of the City in Ludhiana which is well connected from the bus stand, railway, and Airport. Anybody can reach us very easily.

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